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Road to April 2020

The Most Anticipated New Race of Southeast Asia

Vietnam will join the Formula 1® calendar in 2020 with a new race in the capital city, Hanoi.

The inaugural race will take place in April 2020 and will “begin as a thrilling street race in the heart of the city”.

The Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is offering fans a choice of three different 3 ticket types: Hospitality, Grandstand and General Admission.

Formula 1 Hanoi Racetrack Map



Free Practice


There are Two “one and a half-hour” practice sessions on Friday




A one-hour practice session on Saturday morning and a qualifying session on Saturday afternoon


Main Race


Main Race is on Sunday. 2020's biggest sport & entertainment festival!

Ticket Categories

VND 19.740.000
  • From
VND 1.560.000
  • From
VND 700.000
  • From


“Benefits of GA ticket: customer can access to all area around the circuit, such as: entertainment activities, music festival, exhibitions…

GA ticket does not provide seats. Therefore, to see the race track clearly, customer should check-in early to own the good position with the best view. In addition, the whole landscape of the track will also be communicated to the audience through large LED screens arranged in many areas of the track.”

Benefits of Grandstand tickets: provide seats in the stands, customers will have the opportunity to directly watch riders competing in special positions on the track longer than 5.5km. Grandstand tickets have three different price levels due to differences in curve position on the rack, vision, seat facilities, ability to pick and hold ahead and access to nearby festival areas.

Hospitality ticket is the most advanced ticket type of the event with 4 ticket classes located in different positions, owning a separate area, high-class facilities, perfect location. Guests can experience the race with excellent entertainment services and culinary elite prepared by famous chefs, creating opportunities for customers to promote their brands and entertain their partners.

Under the current provision of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix, children with a height under 1m will be given free entrance tickets when accompanied by relatives who buy at least two unreserved Grandstand tickets. Not applicable to any other ticket types or classes.

In December 2019, the FIA (World Racing Organization) will issue an official announcement on the race date in Vietnam. According to current information, it is expected that the F1 Vietnam event will take place in the second week of April. Once the official date of the information is available, it will be posted on the fanpage or website of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix. Please follow our fanpage or visit our website regularly to get updated information.

“Once you own the event ticket, you can freely enter / exit the event portal with the following conditions:

– Guests must always carry their tickets when entering / exiting the main gate of the event in response to requests of control.
– In event entrance gates, ticket inspectors wil ask guests to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp for security control.
– When guests return to the event, make sure to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp on the hand.”

Discount codes or incentive programs to buy tickets are still at the planning stage by F1 Vietnam Grand Prix. Please follow the official social media of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix to get the most updated information.

“The seating chart is expected to be available in September 2019. For customers buying tickets when seating chart is available, customers can choose their own seats (the same format with choosing seats in cinema or airplane seats…)

For customers buying tickets before seating chart is available, our system will automatically assign seats for customers on a first-come, first-served basis. In case of any dispute, customers will be contacted through the provided information in the system. “

Customers can purchase tickets to use as gifts and rewards or transfer them before the event. The ticket does not contain the customer’s name but does contain a barcode containing the personal information of the customer who registered and bought the ticket on website.

According to the rules and practices of F1, tickets are only issued and sent to customers 4-6 weeks before the race day, i.e. around February 2020. However, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix is trying to deliver tickets to customers as soon as possible, estimated at the end of 2019. Please check your email or follow our official information on our fanpage for the latest updates.

“Tickets for the Vietnam Grand Prix will be sold online and at the counter (offline) as described below:
– Online: on official F1 Vietnam GP website via this link: https://www.f1vietnamgp.com/
– Offline – At the counter: You can purchase your ticket at your Vinmart+ with offer 3-Day tickets for General Admissions and Premium Grandstand – Starting Grid”

– There are two ways of receiving physical tickets or hard cards:
1. Receive tickets in office of Vietnam Grand Prix: applicable in January 2020 at the earliest, address will be sent to customers through emaiil, on website & official fanpage.
2. Receive tickets through delivery to the registered address: applicable only to customers who have made payment successfully, tickets will be delivered according to the information provided in ticket order of customers.

“Vietnam Grand Prix Limited Liability Company has issued a VAT invoice in accordance with the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. If you need to have a VAT invoice, please send an email to: [email protected] with the following content:

Company name:
Tax code:

Billing recipient information:
Phone number:

VGPC hotline: In order to be get further support and answers, please contact our hotline: 1900.23.24.28 or email address: [email protected]

“If you want to purchase additional tickets, you can proceed to make an additional new order.
If you want to cancel an order, you can only do it when the payment section has not been completed. You cannot cancel the ticket when the order has been successfully paid. To proceed with cancelling the ticket for unpaid order you can return to the cart and proceed to cancel the ticket or contact our hotline to get the best assistance.”

“Currently, the payment of orders for F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 does not support payments via Paypal. Customers can choose 4 payment methods as following:
– Credit card: Visa card, Master card, JCB card & AMEX card
– Domestic ATM card: Customers who own ATM cards of domestic banks in Vietnam and use internet banking services.
– Bank transfer: direct transfer to VGCP’s account (Vietnam Grand Prix LLC.). To use this payment method, please contact hotline: 1900.23.23.28 for assistance.
– C.O.D: applied from Jan 1st, 2020. Customers will receive ticket and directly complete the payment at the registered address..”

“Yes, you can pay by bank transfer to the Vietnam Grand Prix Co. Ltd. account. Please call hotline: 1900.23.24.28 for further assistance.

Information of the VGPC’s bank account:
1. Techcombank Vietnam – Headquarter
Bank account: 19133136368886

2. Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank – Headquarter
Bank account: 161948845

3. JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Ba Dinh Branch
Bank account: 0611001111111″

The event will be held in Vietnam in April 2020. Therefore, the currency used and circulated at the event will be the official currency of Vietnam and regulated according to Vietnamese law: Vietnamese Dong (VND).

“Please make sure to enter the correct number and information on the credit/ ATM card and that the credit card is still valid.
If you have done so but you are still unable to make a successful payment, please contact our hotline to get the best support.”

Customers have to supply the personal information and all the detailed information on credit card/ ATM card. The security check is a script that we are using to verify if the transaction is legitimate. If the transaction is flagged as at risk then customer care will contact the customer to request further information, such as an ID or credit card picture.

The parking areas are available in some areas on site at the circuit of the Formula 1 Grand Prix event. The parking map will be updated 1 month before the event. However, parking areas are limited. Therefore, we encourage customers to commute by public transportation like bus, taxi, or transport booking application to avoid the situtaion of parking lots running out.

Citiziens from foreign countries can directly apply for e-visas or apply through agencies or organizations inviting and guaranteering.

List of countries with citiziens who are eligble for e-visa: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/documents/20181/117155/Vietnam-Evisa-nation-list.pdf

To apply for an electronic visa, you can click here: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en_US/web/guest/khai-thi-thuc-dien-tu/cap-thi-thuc-dien-tu