media center December 16, 2019

Pit Lane Walk Promo Winners!


F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is pleased to announce that you are reward with the exclusive offer during the period from 7:00 of 02/12/2019 to 23:59 of 12/12/2019 (GMT+7)



Your exclusive offer includes:

• Participating in the Pit Lane Walk on Thursday (02/04/2020): witness up-close all activities and procedures that F1 teams go through in order to prepare for a race weekend!

• Unique merchandise of Hanoi Circuit with following details:

                Ο Gold Lounge (02 or 03-day): Hanoi Circuit’s Passport Holder

                Ο  Grandstand (02 or 03-day): Hanoi Circuit’s Landyard

                Ο  General Admission (02 or 03-day): Hanoi Circuit’s Wristband

How to get your exclusive offer:

    • Pit Lane Walk on Thursday morning (02/04/2020):

                Ο  Pit Lane Walk will be organized on Thursday, 2nd of April 2020. Your visiting session will last about 45 minutes, starting from 9AM and ending at 10AM. You will be going in groups and free to explore the Pit Lane during your session.

                Ο  You are kindly informed to be presented at least 45 minutes before the starting time of the session (8:15AM) to prepare for check-in procedures.

                Ο  Detail information will be provided in future emails.

    • Merchandise of Hanoi Circuit:

                Ο  You have the option to get our exclusive gifts in the merchandise booths of Hanoi Circuit in the Circuit or in all the retail stores of M2 around Vietnam from 01/02/2020 to 30/042020. The store list will be informed later.

                Ο  Detail information will be provided in future emails.


 In case you do not want to receive these exclusive offers, please kindly reply to us via this email.

Please kindly contact our Customer Service: 1900 232428 or via email adress: [email protected]

 Best Regards


F1 Vinfast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.


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