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Vettel ‘considering retiring’ at the end of this season

Vettel ‘considering retiring’ at the end of this season


SEBASTIAN VETTEL is considering retiring at the end of the season in a move which could majorly affect Lewis Hamilton.


Vettel, who made his F1 debut back in 2007, is currently at 13th in the season standings. But while his years at Red Bull brought him much success, and four World titles, his time at Ferrari has not yielded the results he had wanted.


He has claimed just 13 race wins in five seasons and twice finished runner-up in the championship.


This year, arguably his most difficult to date with Ferrari, has yet to result in a single win while he trails Lewis Hamilton by 55 points after just six races.


This has led Vettel to consider hanging up his helmet.


Cristiano Ronaldo is with Sebastian Vettel in charity match at Juventus’ Allianz Stadium


That is the rumour that was flying around the paddock at the Monaco Grand Prix at the weekend, according to F1 expert Joe Saward.


He wrote: “The most shocking rumor that started to spread in the paddock in Monaco is that Sebastian Vettel is considering retiring from F1 at the end of the season at the age of 31.

“After winning four world championships with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013 he tried to bring Ferrari back to success, but he made several mistakes and is now under pressure after the arrival of Charles Leclerc, younger and apparently with more growth margin than German.

“A choice that in some ways would follow that of Nico Rosberg, who left F1 after winning the title in 2016 aware of the fact that he would hardly succeed in the enterprise again. The big question, of course, is who would be Vettel’s successor.

“The names that have been circulating for now are those of Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean and Valtteri Bottas.”

Joe Saward


If this rumour came true, Hamilton could be bothered about Ferrari losing their star driver.



Ferrari are apparently keeping an eye on his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who is out of contract at the end of the season, as a potential replacement.


Bottas is playing well as a wingman role for Hamilton in Mercedes . But if the Finn was to leave, then a younger, hungrier driver, in a Championship-winning car, could cause unrest in the camp.


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