info hub June 02, 2020

F1 2020 video game to feature Hanoi circuit

Hanoi’s Formula One circuit will make its debut in the official video game of the Formula 1 Championship to be released this summer.


The F1 2020 Game, developed and published by Codemasters, will be available starting July 10. 


Lee Mather, Codemasters' game director of F1 2020, said that the seventh edition will feature new cars, racers and circuits, including Hanoi’s modern street circuit. 


The Hanoi circuit will have six counter-clockwise circuits and two straights, with one being the longest track in F1, providing players with more breaking zones and overtaking possibilities, Mather said.


F1 2020 can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


The Covid-19 pandemic forced Vietnam's inaugural Grand Prix, scheduled for April in Hanoi, to be postponed indefinitely. Formula One has canceled or postponed 10 races since March for the 2020 season.





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