f1 world September 25, 2019

20 facts only real F1 fans will know



20 facts only real F1 fans will know (Part 1)

1. F1 cars accelerate from 0 to 100 mph and go back to 0 within 4 seconds
2. Basic cost of an F1 car is over $7 million
3. Brake discs can reach 1,000 degrees centigrade
4. Engine can’t be turned when it’s cold
5. Revs up to 15,000 RPM
6. Each vehicle has 80K assembled components
7. The crew changes tires in 3 seconds
8. F1 engine lifespan is less than 5 races
9. The weight of the car must not be below 728 kg without fuel
10. In average a driver loses 4 kg after one race


How many facts do you know?



20 facts only real F1 fans will know (Part 2)

11. A driver loses 3 liters during a race
12. Tires lose 0.5 kg during a race
13. Monza isn’t home-race of Ferrari. The circuit in Imola named after Ferrari founder, but now the circuit is no longer held F1 GP
14. Helmet is among the toughest in the world
15. Three people named Hill have won the World Championship
16. 46 drivers died in an accident
17. There is only 1 female driver scored a point, her name is Lella Lombardi.
18. McLaren’s Title Drought. Despite spending millions, the last time McLaren won the title was in 2008 when Lewis Hamilton was behind the wheel.
19. An F1 car can drive upside down
20. Max Verstappen is the youngest F1 driver, as he attend the first race when he was 17 years 166 days.



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