Final Asphalt Layer Rolled Out on Hanoi Circuit

New images released today show the surface layer for the Hanoi Circuit - the newest track on the Formula 1 calendar– being rolled out. The process is expected to take approximately 5 days, with a minimum of 1km of surface being laid each day.



This coating is the last asphalt layer of the newly constructed track and signals a vital stage in the development of the new circuit - the first ever F1 track in Vietnam. The process itself has a very high level of technical requirements that need to be met in advance of the layering process with the original surface sample having been sent to labs in Singapore and Germany to undergo thorough testing to ensure it meets all FIA requirements.  


All materials were 100 percent locally sourced in Vietnam, with the circuit engineers scouring the country from North to South to find the best quality material which involved multiple testing at different mines located across the country. Ultimately, the stones that now make up the final layer of the Hanoi Circuit were gathered from the Quang Ninh province before being squished in Lang Son and subsequently mixed in Thach That, Hanoi before arriving at the circuit for the layering process.



The mixing station itself was purposely built to produce the best quality asphalt. This is vital as only the highest standard of asphalt will pass the required FIA Grade 1 standard. This level of asphalt requires the right mix of friction and smoothness to make sure that when the cars reach 335km/h speeding down the Hanoi Circuit back straight next April, it won’t cause stones to shoot up from the surface. 



Work on the Hanoi Circuit itself - which runs to 5607m in length and features 23 corners - continues and is expected to near majority completion by the end of this month. A unique hybrid design, fusing a street circuit’s characteristics with a permanent track layout, the track is the first of its kind to be developed in partnership by Tilke Engineers and F1’s own Motorsports Division and is set to become one of the most challenging and exciting circuits in the sport. 
The pinnacle of motorsport will make its first ever appearance in Hanoi, Vietnam as part of the 22-race FIA Formula 1 World Championship on 3-5 April, 2020. Buy your tickets now at


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