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I. General Information

1. What are the benefits of General Admission? Will I be able to see the race track clearly with my GA ticket?

Benefits of GA ticket: customer can access to all area around the circuit, such as: entertainment activities, exhibitions,...
GA ticket is not included the seats, therefore, to see the race track clearly customer should check-in early to own the good position with the best view. In addition, the whole landscape of the track will also be communicated to the audience through large LED screens arranged in many areas of the track.

2. What are the specific benefits of Grandstand? Why are there three different prices for this type of ticket?

Benefits of Grandstand tickets: a position with seats in the stands, customers will have the opportunity to directly watch riders competing in special positions on the track longer than 5.5km. Grandstand tickets have three different price levels: curve position differences on the rack, vision, seat facilities, ability to pick and hold ahead and access to areas nearby festivals.

3. What are the benefits of Hospitality?

Hospitality tickets are the most advanced ticket type of the event with 3 ticket classes located in different positions, owning a separate area, high-class facilities, perfect location. Customers can experience the race with comfortable entertainment services and culinary elite prepared by famous chefs, create opportunities for customers to promote their brands, entertain their partners.

4. Is there any policy for children?

"According to the current F1 Vietnam Grand Prix policy, children under 2 years old won't be allowed to check-in at the event gate.
In addition, children with a height under 1m will be given free entrance tickets in cases of accompanying their relatives who buy at least two Unreserved Grand Stand tickets."

5. Do you have travel packages?

Currently, we have co-operated with some partners who offer travel services with participation in enjoying the Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix in April 2020. For further information, please access the link:

6. Are there any age rules when registering to buy tickets?

In case customers buy tickets directly at the website of F1 Vietnam (, customers must be at least 15 years old to complete the payment of F1 tickets. This provision is based on the terms and conditions for purchasing tickets and attending events are listed at:
In case customers buy tickets at the communication channels of official distribution agents of Vietnam F1, the age regulation of customers buying tickets will be applied according to the payment policy, terms & conditions of each agent.

7. Is there a limit to the number of tickets purchased per person?

Currently, the promoter does not limit the number of tickets purchased by one person. However, based on the actual situation, the promoter will have regulations on the number of tickets sold according to the actual situation at each time.

8. In case of losing hard ticket / e-ticket, can you support me?

As a rule, in case of loss of hard tickets / e-tickets, customers will be fully responsible. However, depending on each specific case, the the promoter will flexibly support the process. Please call the hotline to notify a ticket loss to receive timely assistance.

9. Does the ticket price include F&B service and all the activities on/ off the track?

Only hospitality ticket has included the F&B service. GA & GS ticket owners have to pay for all the F&B order.
All the ticket types will be allowed to attend all the event activities off the track, such as: entertain activities at fanzone area, exhibition area, F&B area...

10. Where will the tickets be sold?

Tickets for the Vietnam Grand Prix will be sold online and at the counter described in the following:
- Online: You can purchase your ticket our VGPC website or through one of our Official Resellers. You can access our online website via this link:
- Offline - At the counter: You can purchase your ticket at your Vinmart+. They offer 3-Day tickets for General Admissions and Premium Grandstand - Starting Grid

II. Order & Payment

11. What payment methods are accepted?

Currently, the payment of orders for F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 does support 3 method payments as following:
- Credit card: Visa card, Master card, JCB card & AMEX card.
- Domestic ATM card: Customers who own ATM cards of domestic banks in Vietnam and use internet banking services.
- Bank transfer: direct transfer to VGCP’s account (Vietnam Grand Prix LLC.). To use this payment method, please contact hotline: 1900.23.23.28 for assistance.
- In addition, F1 Vietnam GP 2020 will open for the Cash On Delivery (COD), which is expected to be launched after Jan, 2020. Customers will receive ticket and directly complete the payment at the registered address.

12. Can I pay by bank wire?

Customer can pay by bank transfer to the Vietnam Grand Prix Co. Ltd. bank account. Please call hotline: 1900.23.24.28 for further assistance.
Information of the VGPC's bank account: 1. Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- Stock Bank (Techcombank) - Headquarter
Bank account: 19133136368886
Apply for VND currency transaction
2. Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- Stock Bank (Techcombank) - Headquarter
Bank account: 19133136368045
Swift code: VTCBVNVX
Apply for USD currency transaction

13. My payment was refused, what should I do?

Please make sure to enter the correct number and information on the credit/ ATM card, that the credit card/ ATM is still valid
Please make sure your domestic ATM card has been registered internet banking method.
If customer guarantee all the information have been corrected but still unable to make a successful payment, please contact our hotline to get the best support.

14. Can I modify my order after the purchase (add/remove tickets)?

If you want to purchase additional tickets, you can proceed to make an additional new order.
If you want to cancel an order, you can only do it when the payment section has not been completed. You cannot cancel the ticket when the order has been successfully paid. To proceed with cancelling the ticket for unpaid order you can return to the cart and proceed to cancel the ticket or contact our hotline to get the best assistance.

15. Why do you ask for my credit card details? (Security check). What is the security check?

Customers have to supply the personal information and all the detailed information on credit card/ ATM card. The security check is a script that we are using to verify if the transaction is legitimate. If the transaction is flagged as at risk then customer care will contact the customer to request further information, such as an ID or credit card picture.

16. Can I change to a higher or change to a lower ticket type after purchase a ticket? Is there a fee charged?

Customers can do a ticket upgrade from a lower ticket rank to a higher ticket and pay the extra value. Please contact our hotline to receive the best assistance to upgrade tickets and make a difference payment.
In the opposite case, the Promoter will not support customers who want to change the higher to lower ticket type.

17. Are there any age rules when registering to buy tickets?

In case customers buy tickets directly at the website of F1 Vietnam (, customers must be at least 15 years old to complete the payment of F1 tickets. This provision is based on the terms and conditions for purchasing tickets and attending events are listed at:
In case customers buy tickets at the communication channels of official distribution agents of Vietnam F1, the age regulation of customers buying tickets will be applied according to the payment policy, terms & conditions of each agent.

18. Do you need to present any documents when buying tickets? If so, what documents are needed?

If customers buy tickets directly on the website of, customers are required to provide full personal information (name, phone number, email, delivery address ...) to proceed with the booking. buy ticket.
If customers buy tickets directly at the official distribution agents of F1 Vietnam, customers are required to provide information based on the agent's issued purchase policy.

19. Does the ticket sell at any fixed location or online only through the official website?

Currently, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix tickets are being sold by offline channel at 39 Vinmart + stores in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi. Right after the official ticket is issued, the tickets will be sold at public places. Please keep updating our latest information at the website

20. Does VGPC issue a discount code or discount program? When to release and apply to whom?

Discount codes or incentive programs to buy tickets are not official yet due to still being planned by F1 Vietnam Grand Prix. Please follow the updates on the online portal of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix to get the earliest information.

21. What types of hospitality tickets do you need when registering to buy tickets? (If available)

There are currently no conditions or constraints when customers buy hospitality tickets.
Regarding transactions for high-volume, high-volume orders, customers may request to sign a ticket purchase contract (signed with individuals or businesses) with Vietnam Grand Prix Limited Company and received VAT invoice according to the current Law. To request a contract and invoice, please send an email to: [email protected] or contact the hotline 1900.23.24.28 to receive the best support"

22. Does the ticket price include VAT? Are there any other costs to be paid?

The F1 ticket price displayed on Vietnam F1 website ( is the listed ticket price including 10% VAT.
In addition, customers can pay additional delivery costs depending on the method of ticket delivery. If choosing a paper / hard card form, customers will have to pay an additional shipping fee per order. In case of choosing electronic ticket form, customers will not have to pay any extra cost.

23. What is the deadline to purchase tickets? Can I purchase ticket at the event date?

Accoding to the current plan, the promoter will allocate ticket booths at the event gate at the event day to sell ticket direcly to customers. However, we encourage customers should purchase the ticket in-advance in order to avoid the sold-out ticket and own the best view.

24. Is there a VAT invoice issued?

Vietnam Grand Prix Limited Liability Company has issued a VAT invoice in accordance with the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. If you need to have a VAT invoice, please send an email to: [email protected] with the following content:
Company name:
Tax code:
Billing recipient information:
Phone number:
Email: "

"Some information to note about the VAT invoice for businesses:
1. About the invoicing condition:
VGPC only issues VAT invoice immediately after receiving full payment from the customer.
In case the customers need vouchers to make a payment proposal within the company, we can support providing a Pro Forma Invoice version (as hotels still do) to confirm the payment amount.
2. About the timeline to issue the invoice: At least 3 working days and up to 7 working days.
3. About the invoice delivery: VGPC's bill is electronic invoice, so it will be sent via email. Information needed to issue invoices include: Company name, address, tax code Invoice recipient information: Name, phone number, email.
=> guide on how guests to send information via email to the Customer Service as the content mentioned above
4. Other cases / requests: Please contact our hotline, we will acknowledge your request and respond to you as soon as possible

III. Delivery & Seating

25. When is the seating chart available and when are customers allowed to choose the seat?

The seating map is expected to be available in November 2019. For customers who purchase tickets at the time of having a seating map, you will be proactive in choosing the seat position (the same form of selecting a movie seat, an airplane seat)
For customers who purchased tickets before the seating map has been launched, customers will be applied the ‘’first come, first serve’’ theory. The system will base on the time of the order purchase will automatically choose the best seats.
Information about the number of seats will be sent to customers via email. If customers want to change the seats number, please contact the hotline for support.

26. When will I receive the ticket after a successful transaction?

As usual, F1 tickets are issued and sent to customers only 4-6 weeks before the race day, i.e. around around February 2020. However, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix is researching to have a separate policy for the Vietnamese market, customers in Vietnam can get tickets sooner. Please check your email or follow the official information on our fanpage for the latest updates.

27. How do I receive the physical tickets or hard cards?

There are two method of ticket delivery as following:
1. Pick-up at the office of Vietnam Grand Prix: This method is appplied at the earliest on January 2020, the address will be officially informed to customers via email, on the official website & fanpage.
2. C.O.D: This method only applies to customers who are living in Vietnam and only apply after January, 2020.
3. Deliver ticket at registered address: This method is for customers who have successfully paid, tickets will be delivered directly to customers at the registered address.

28. Does F1 Vietnam GP has ticket colleting booth at the event? How & when will it execute?

The promoter is planning on it and will proceed to execute before and at the event. This method is expected to proceed:
- Two weeks before the event: customers will collect the purchased ticket at the ticket collecting point located around the city center and at the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 office.
- At the event day: customers will collect the purchased tickets at the ticket booth. Please update the latest information by follow our website and fanpage of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix.

29. If a customer has paid shipping fees and would like to change to pick up, can customer service do that? Can they also refund the shipping fees?

The promoter only supports converting the method of sending tickets to the registered address (shipping) to the method of collecting ticket (Pick-Up) once for an order. To make the conversion, please contact F1 Vietnam GP hotline for the best support.
According to the regulations and terms of F1 Vietnam GP, purchased ticket will not be refunded under circumstances.

30. Once I selected the seat numbers and completed the payment, can i have any chance to change the seat after that?

The promoter only assist to customers in terms of changing the number seat only one time per order. However, this term will according to the actual situation at each time.

IV. General Information

1. When will the race officially take place?

According to F1 official announcement and a formally confirmed from FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE), the race date in Vietnam will be on Apr 03rd - 05th, 2020 - the third Grand Prix after Australia GP and Bahrain GP.

2. Where will the race officially take place?

The area where take place of Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 event has total 88.09 hectares, located in 4 wards of Nam Tu Liem district: Phu Do, Me Tri, My Dinh 1 & My Dinh 2.The area is expected to have major activities will be at My Dinh National Sports Complex - Le Duc Tho, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

3. Is there parking at the circuit?

The parking areas are available in some areas on site at the circuit of the Formula 1 Grand Prix event. The parking map will be updated 1 month before the event. However, parking areas are limited. Therefore, we encourage customers to commute by public transportation like bus, taxi, or transport booking application to avoid the situtaion of parking lots running out.

4. Is there an insurance for the spectators during the race?

According to the plan, the promoter of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will buy an insurance according to the requirements and standards designed by the International Automoobile Federation (FIA). Specific insurance information for customers attending the event will be announced in the near future on the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix official website.

5. Currently, how far is the process of building the track?

"F1 Hanoi track is a track that will be integrated based on 50% of the existing street track and 50% of the new road will be built inside the My Dinh sports complex - the area is currently fenced.
According to the schedule, the Pit building and the race track will be completed at the end of December 2019. By March 2019, all the facilities for F1 will be ready for the event."

6. Is there any way of transportation / transfer support of the customers to the track?

Currently the promoter is planning and in the future there will be some shuttle bus from fixed locations to transfer guests to the F1 event venue. And the first transfer bus is confirmed to depart from Vincom Skylake Shopping Center Pham Hung to the event area.
All information about transfer customers to the track will be continuously updated from now until the event 1-2 weeks. Please follow our website or fanpage to be up to date with the latest information.

7. Does the grandstand will be covered ?

Currently all the grandstand area at Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 will be no covered

8. What is check-in time at the event gate?

It's expected that the event gate will be opening around 09:00AM or 10:00 AM. The detailed opening time at each area will be announced on official website during 1 - 2 months before the event.

9. If you already possess a ticket, will you be allowed to enter and exit the event freely? How will it be controlled?

Once own the event ticket, customers can freely enter / exit the event gate with the following conditions:
- Customer must always retain tickets when entering / exiting the main gate of the event in response to requests of control.
- If customers need to return after leaving the event, please notify the ticket inspector, the ticket inspector will wear a paper bracelet or stamp on the customer's hand.
- When the customers return to the event, make sure to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp on the hand.

10. What is the currency of the event?

The event will be held in Vietnam in April 2020. Therefore, the currency used and circulated at the event will be the official currency of Vietnam and regulated according to Vietnamese law: Vietnamese Dong (VND).

11. Do I need a Visa to go to Vietnam?

Citiziens from foreign countries can directly apply for e-visas or apply through agencies or organizations inviting and guaranteering.
List of countries with citiziens who are eligble for e-visa:
To apply for an electronic visa, you can click here:

12. Where are the big screens located?

According to the current information, giant screen will be located in 2 areas:
1. At the pit building - the opposite side with Starting Grid Grandstand.
2. The opposite side with Turn 2-3-4 Grandstand In addition, many big screens will be located at many areas within the circuit. Please update our latest information via our website/ fanpage of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix

13. Is there any update about the drivers/ team line-ups for the upcoming season?

The season 2019 is still on-going and F1 hasn't announced the team/ driver information for 2020 yet. Annually on Feb, F1 will announce officially the driver/ team line-ups for the upcoming season. Please follow our website/ fanpage to be updated the latest information.


1. Will ticket prices for patrons with disabilities be different from normal tickets?

VGPC’s ticketing policies for all General Admission, Grandstand seating and Hospitality suites ensure no discrimination to patrons with disabilities. Disability tickets will be open for public sale on our website and other official retail channels at the same listed price as normal tickets.

2. Will my carer/companion need a ticket?

Yes, each carer/companion need one ticket to enter the circuit. At accessible Grandstands, carers/Companions who accompany patrons with disabilities will be given priority in the first row right behind the platform for the disabled.

3. Will I be able to access ticketing locations?

Yes, all available ticketing locations will be placed on ground level or be accessible through ramps. Please refer to the Circuit Map for the exact locations.

4. How can I access the Grandstands?

Five grandstands provide accessible ramps and platform for patrons with disabilities. Please call hotline 1900 23 24 28 for booking details.

. Thang Long – Premium Grandstand (access via Gate 3)Hue – Standard
. Grandstand (access via Gate 7 and Gate 8)
. Da Nang – Unreserved Grandstand (access via Gate 5)
. Sai Gon – Standard Grandstand (access via Gate 4)
. Can Tho – Unreserved Grandstand (access via Gate 3)

Grandstand access requires patrons to negotiate steep and long ramps. Seek assistance from security or event personnel at the event to ensure safe passage.

5. How can I access the Hospitality?

Wheelchair-accessible hospitality facilities include:

. Thang Long – Platinum Suite (access via Gate 2)
. Hai Phong – Platinum Suite (access via Gate 2)
. Ha Long – Diamond & Platinum Suite (access via Gate 2)

For queries relating to hospitality, please contact hotline 1900 23 24 28.

6. Which areas are accessible for patrons with disabilities?

Hanoi circuit is disability friendly, therefore almost all zones are wheelchair-accessible. Please contact our Event Personnel for assistance with directions and / or guidance to your destination.

. Zone 1 (F1 Fanzone): access via Gate 7 & Gate 8
. Zone 2: access via Gate 2 (exclusively for Hospitality Suites ticket holders with vehicle drop-off pass)
. Zone 3: access via Gate 3 & Gate 4
. Zone 4: access via Gate 5 & Gate 6
. Zone 5: access via Gate 7 & Gate 8
. Zone 6: access via Gate 3

7. Which public conveniences are accessible for patrons with disabilities?

Accessible public conveniences are located at various locations across the circuit. These include all Customer Service Booths, Medical Points, Police/Security, ATMs, Merchandise and other Vendor Booths, etc... Please refer to the Circuit Map for the exact locations.
Accessible toilets are only available inside Pit Building, Paddock Club and Support Paddock areas.

8. Will there be any transportation available for patrons with disabilities?

Wheelchairs: A limited number of manual wheelchairs will be available for use within the circuit. Patrons that require the temporary use of a wheelchair can hire one at all entrance gates. Wheelchairs are free to hire, patrons are simply required to show ID.

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