No Formula 1 event is the same without its Formula 1 fans, because without you, there will be no spark to the event. That’s why we have catered to every need an F1 fan can have.

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and greet

You’ve seen them on TV now you can get to talk to them

Meet your favorite F1 drivers up close

Have your memorable photos taken along their side

F1 ESport

Test your driving skills with our simulations

Compete with one another to see who has a faster lap time

Win real prizes

a pit crew!

Participate in exciting activities while being in the shoes of pit crew members!

Take a closer look at your favorite riders as you will watch them flashing through one of the most unique circuits. Listening to the sound of F1 machines cutting through the air as it will vibrate your ear as hard as your soul. Don’t forget to brace yourself as you might get carried away as the cars come by!

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