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What is DRS in F1?

Also known as adjustable rear wings, DRS (Drag Reduction System) rear wings allow the driver to adjust the wing between two pre-determined settings from the cockpit. The system’s availability is electronically governed – it can be used at any time in practice and qualifying (unless a driver is on wet-weather tyres), but during the race …

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What is Chicane in F1?

Photo: planetf1.com Chicane is a tight sequence of corners in alternate directions. Usually inserted into a circuit to slow the cars. Chicanes are usually located after long straights, making them a prime location for overtaking. They can be placed tactically by circuit designers to prevent vehicles from reaching speeds deemed to be unsafe

Tyres and wheels in F1

Photo: Racefans What the sporting regulations say: A single tyre supplier, Pirelli, provides all of the teams with identical rubber. Pirelli produce seven specifications of dry-weather tyre, each with a distinguishing sidewall colour – hypersoft (pink), ultrasoft (purple), supersoft (red), soft (yellow), medium (white), hard (blue), superhard (orange). At each race the teams have access …

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3 days in a F1 Race

A Formula One race or Grand Prix is a sporting event which takes place over three days. There are Two “one and a half-hour” practice sessions on Friday (Thursday at Monaco), a one-hour practice session on Saturday morning and a qualifying session on Saturday afternoon and the Main Race is on Sunday Saturday’s qualifying session, …

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What is Halo in F1?

The halo is a driver crash protection system used in open-wheel racing series which consists of a curved bar placed to protect the driver’s head. The system was introduced in 2015 and became mandatory according to FIA homologation and regulation from 2018. The first tests with the prototypes equipped with the system were carried out …

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