F1® Vietnam

Vietnam will join the Formula 1® calendar in 2020 with a new race in the capital city, Hanoi. The southeast Asian country becomes the first new destination to join the sport since Liberty Media’s takeover last year. The inaugural race will take place in April 2020 and will “begin as a thrilling street race in the heart of the city”.


Street race

The race will take place on a 5.565 km track, 12km west of the city centre. It will use existing streets with a purpose built pit area.

According to F1’s official website:

‘The aim was to create a unique hybrid layout, fusing a street circuit’s characteristics with a permanent countryside track layout within the confines of the city’s topography.

Picturesque Hanoi

Thang Long - Hanoi Since 1010

Vietnam’s capital races to make up for time lost to the ravages of war and a government that as recently as the 1990s kept the outside world at bay. Its streets surge with scooters vying for right of way amid the din of constantly blaring horns, and all around layers of history reveal periods of French and Chinese occupation – offering a glimpse into the resilience of ambitious, proud Hanoians.



Street food

If you live in one of the multicultural cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, London or Paris, you will probably have some idea what Vietnam cuisines are like. The country boasts one of the most diverse, delicious and healthy gastronomies in the world. The main ingredients used in Vietnamese food are rice and its derivatives, fish sauce and vegetable.

Peaceful country

Vietnam is an exhilarating country to travel. Vibrant street life, exquisite food and epic landscapes are just the start of what you’ll find here. A nation on the move, Vietnam balances cool urban culture with deeply rooted traditional values.

Vietnam Cities

Based on travelers’ choice, the popular tourist site Trip Advisor has released a list of 25 Asian cities that are most favored by tourists in 2013. Vietnam has up to four cities in the list.

Hoi an


Ho Chi Minh city

Halong bay